Kite Houses with 3 suites in Jericoacoara – Preá Beach

Kite Houses with 3 suites in Jericoacoara – Preá Beach

Condominium of Houses, with services and facilities.

kite Houses Villa Valentina


The Condominium is located about 300m from the beach, close to Rancho do Kite, where you can store your equipment and enjoy a day use in the most famous kitesurf school in the world. There will be 4 houses, signed by the Chilean architect Francisco Navarrete and decorated by Barbara Koboldt’s interior design. Each house has 3 suites, private pool and deck, integrated social area e gourmet kitchen.

villa valentina

“We use local finishes such as stone and wood, combining simplicity and comfort”, says Barbara Koboldt, attentive to every detail. The landscaping is designed by Nicia Borman, professor at UFCE.

The Condominium has its own water treatment, ecological sewage treatment, sustainability items and socio-environmental certification. The houses have 350m² private and are located in a condo with more than 3,000m² of land, next to Rancho do Peixe and Praça das Carnaúbas.

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Also, a partnership with Rancho do Kite, the most famous and well-equipped kitesurfing school in the world, has been establish. Each house will have an equipment storage and will be able enjoy the school and beach club in the best location for practicing, with the safety and quality of Rancho do Kite, only 200 meters from Villa Valentina.


The construction is carried by RA Construction Company, owned by Ricardo Arias, who has a wide portfolio on the northeast coast and proven expertise in quality, deadlines and environmental matters. His projects, normally related to the hotel and residential sector, added almost 20.000 m² already delivered and nearly 200 professionals in his direct team.

The Structural and Hydro Sanitary Project has been authored by Pilotis Engineering, renowned company in the sector based in Fortaleza. The challenge was to compose structures with eucalyptus and concrete, maintaining the light and natural design. The materials were chosen according to the climate of the northeast region.

In addition, the issue of sustainability, related to the sewage and the use of potable water for underground treatment were solved by the experienced engineer Bergson, from Pilots.


The houses can be rented with concierge support and lease management, for those who want to add some profit to the property. High season rates are practically all year round, so, in addition to the added value related to location and infrastructure, you can also have an expectation of profitability, besides covering maintenance expenses.

Jericoacoara, airport of Jeri – JJD

Jericoacoara regional airport (JJD) should open for international flights. The reason is the windy and sunny season almost all year round and the fastest growing water sport in the world, kitesurfing.

aeroporto de Jeri
Aeroporto de Jericoacoara – CRUZ- CE

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